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A South Carolina man won the lottery, then did it again 11 days later

A lucky South Carolina man is claiming his second lottery prize in just as many weeks.The big winner, who is from Grand Strand, claimed a $40,000 prize on July 16 and then a $3 million one on July 27.

Lucky punter from South Carolina wins lottery TWICE just weeks apart

A lucky South Carolina man is claiming his second lottery prize in just as many weeks. He purchased both Mega Millions Quick Pick tickets from a Murphy USA gas station in Myrtle Beach, the South Carolina Education Lottery said in a statement on Wednesday.

Lucky punter wins the lottery TWICE in 11 days as he lands $3million prize

A LUCKY punter is claiming his second lottery prize in as many weeks. The big winner, who is from Grand Strand, in South Carolina, won a $40,000 prize and then a $3million one in the space of 11

Lottery player’s stop for gas ends with ‘surreal’ win in SC. Now he can buy a new home

A South Carolina man checked his lottery ticket at the gas pump — and had a “surreal” moment. While at his go-to convenience store, he discovered his scratch-off ticket was worth $200,000, the S.C. Education Lottery said this week.

South Carolina Man Wins Mega Millions Lottery Twice in Two Weeks

A South Carolina man just might be one of the luckiest people alive. An unidentified Grand Strand male has just won his second jackpot in two weeks, according to CNN. ON July 16, he won $40,000, and he claimed his second lottery prize for $3 million on July 27.

Man collects $3M lottery jackpot two weeks after $40,000 win

A South Carolina man who collected a $40,000 lottery prize discovered his lucky streak wasn't over when he scored a $3 million jackpot just two weeks later.

Lottery win means SC man can celebrate with a new schedule. ‘I’ll work a little less’

A South Carolina man scored a big lottery prize, and he’s celebrating with a brand new work schedule. The winner said he’s reducing his work hours after his $5 scratch-off ticket hit the jackpot, according to the S.

South Carolina man wins lottery twice in 2 weeks

In a Wednesday news release, the South Carolina Education Lottery said the man purchased the tickets at a Murphy USA store on Kings Road in Myrtle Beach. He overcame 1-in-931,001 odds to win $40,000 on July 16 and 1-in-13 million odds to win $3 million on July 27,

Man buys winning lottery ticket on way home from Walmart

"Maybe it will happen this week," the optimistic home buyer said. He's going house hunting with the prize he won off a $5 South Carolina Education Lottery ticket he picked out in Greenville. He says after shopping at Walmart he dropped by the store to fill up his car with gas.

Two big changes coming to Powerball in South Carolina

Changes are on their way to one of South Carolina's most popular lottery games. The South Carolina Education Lottery announced on Thursday that it is adding a third weekly drawing for Powerball and offering "Double Play" a new game add-on with cash prizes.

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